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Australian Skilled Migrant Visa


Hi Guys,

I'm currently working towards the skilled migrant visa and getting approval with the NMBA. I am alreadly licensed with AHPRA. I'm wondering have any of you gone down this path? My spouse is Australian and we want to move back, and in theory I could do the Partner Visa, but it's more than double the price and also puts you on a temporary status that then has to be reaffirmed at 2 years into living there. Therefore, we felt that the Skilled Migrant Visa was possibly the more efficient way, and then in addition I don't need his sponsorship.

Anyhow, if anybody has gone down this path I have a questions:

1. How long did the process take?

2. Were you allowed to visit Australia while waiting for the visa (my spouse will already be there, so I'd like to see him)?

3. Did you do the Health Declarations and do your health exam up front or wait until they asked for it?

4. Same questions for the police background info? Did you do this in advance and submit it right away?

Thank you so much for any and all help!