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Australian RN/Registered Midwife - move to Canada.

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by Mel123 Mel123 (New) New Nurse Student

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Hi everyone,

I'm an Australian nurse (6 years in mental health nursing) and am just about to complete my Postgradute Diploma of Midwifery (holding dual Registered Nurse/Registered Midwife Australian registration). In the next few years, my partner and I would be interested in moving to Canada and I was wondering whether anybody had experience in this.

I understand that it is more an obstetric nursing model over these (apart from private practice midwifery that requires years of experience). My main question is, if I applied for Canadian RN registration with a view to working in obstetrics, would this provide practice hours for me to maintain my midwifery registration back in Australia? 

Any experiences would be most welcome! 

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