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Hi Everyone,

I am just wondering if there is interest in starting an informal recovering nurse support group in the Austin area. Maybe get together for coffee or a meal. PM me if interested. I am in my last year of TPAPN and I would have to say that lack of support from others in the same position is something I would find very helpful. TPAPN has been a hellish experience and is worsened by the loneliness and isolation.


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I'm not in Austin but I am also in my last year of TPAPN. 218 days! I've found these boards to be a lifesaver! I also went to a local nurse support group at the beginning and that really helped get me through the first year or so, so I totally understand wanting to have in person support with people who are in the same position. Unfortunately I started a new job that interfered with the meeting schedule so I stopped attending.

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Although I have not started my monitoring program, I am in Austin. I will PM you.