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AUS RN moving to WI, HELP!

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by gigi894 gigi894 (New) New Nurse

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I am currently in the process of obtaining my RN licence in the USA. I have gone through CGFNS and they have deemed me as not having enough hours in paediatrics and obstetrics. (This was when I was in university). I currently working in PACU looking after Paediatric and Obstetric patients however CGFNS will not accept these hours as they don't come directly from my university. 

Does anyone have any recommendations as to what my next step would be? I have been stuck in the CGFNS loop for the past two years and I am truly at a loss as to what to do. I have been looking at accelerated BSN degrees, but even they haven't been able to help me out and are saying that I need to be an RN in the USA already to do these degrees? 

Would really appreciate any advice! 

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