Aurora University Spring 2017


Im looking at Aurora University in Aurora, IL. I have some question for current students or future students. What is your GPA and TEAS scores? Is the patho class required before admission or can you take it during the program? What is the acceptance rate? Overall how do you like the program? And any other comments.




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Hi! Yeah, I am currently enrolled for Fall '16 to their nursing program and their pathophysiology class is required to be taken before Fall starts. I'm taking it online and I've asked this question before with my advisor and they don't take other pathophysiology classes so if you've taken that and it's not specifically assigned for nursing, they won't credit it at all. I don't know about acceptance rate as well but I'll tell you my score for the TEAS and my GPA. I got an 85 on my TEAS and a 3.5 GPA.