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Attention all Ohio Univ Grads!!

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Hey Ohio University friends!

I have a quick question for you guys:

I am currently in 4510, which has been very busy. I know the school suggests you take this class alone, which I am. However, for the next 5 weeks, I am scheduled to take 2 nursing classes at the same time.

Did you guys find the other nursing classes to be just as busy with papers and such? I understand that they are all busy, but are they all quite as bad as 4510? I figured they would suggest to take it alone because it is more busy than the others.

I don't want to overwhelm myself as I already work full time, 3-12's too...

Thank you in advance!


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I found them all to be time consuming. I guess it's fair to say I spent a little more time on 4510 because I had no idea what APA was and did not know what to expect from the program. I did one class at a time and thought that was busy with family and working. However, there are people who fly through two at a time without any problems. For future, you will find tons of information about every class under the Ohio University threads. Those threads were lifesavers! Good luck!

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