ATT for Ohio NCLEX

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My application was already processed by the OBN and they are just waiting on the completion letter from my school which will be mailed this week. Does anyone have an idea how long it usually takes to get the ATT around this time of year and what the testing wait time is? I have a job interview Tuesday and want to at least give them an idea if needed.!

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The schedule is constantly in flux in every state. I got my ATT on Monday first date available was Thursday 8am. My classmate got her ATT an hour later and was able to test Tuesday afternoon. Another classmate received her ATT 2.5 weeks prior and had a 4 week wait for the first date. (We tested before her)


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I heard people had waited up to 2 months. I'm hoping that's not the case. I'd like to take the test asap after I get my ATT