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Atlanta Fall 2020 New Grad RN Residency

KennyW KennyW (New) New Nurse Student

Hey guys, it’s that time again!

I noticed no one has started a feed for Fall 2020 new grad residencies in Atlanta! So far I have seen that Emory, Piedmont and WellStar as opened up! Let’s get this thread rolling, good luck everyone!

CHOA is open as well! Excited for this process to begin :)

Hey everyone! I am trying to move from Louisiana to Atlanta and find an RN position. I graduated in May and take the NCLEX June 25th. I have applied to Piedmont, Northside, Emory, and CHOA. I haven't heard anything back from Piedmont or Northside. I have an interview for Emory and I did not move forward or get selected for an interview with CHOA.

I applied to Northside and Piedmont around 2-3 weeks ago. I just heard back from Northside about Fall residency today! I have my first interview scheduled in 2 weeks. I haven't heard back from Piedmont yet.