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ATI TEST VS ATI Practice Test

Riah0218 Riah0218 (New) New

OK someone please help me!

I've been studying the ATI manual from cover to cover. I took both practice test online, and I am only scoring in the 50's. Is it me or does the practice test hard? Also is the TEAS exam a little bit easier than these practice tests. I take my TEAS test wednesday, and I am a ball of nerves please help!

The actual test at least for me was relatively similar to the practice tests online, I remember one question being exactly the same. It will also depend on what version you get when you take the actual test. Go through your practice tests and focus on what you got wrong, once you understand why you got it wrong it will help! I am retaking mine on Friday, good luck to you!!

I have to version 5 thank you, and good luck to you too!!!!

Anyone did rn learning system??? Need big help pls