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ATI TEAS 6 Practice Tests


What did you think of the practice tests and how they compare to the real test? Overall I did better on B than A, but the science section on B was way harder than A for me. Is the real test more of a mix between the 2? I am hoping there is more anatomy and how systems work than specific questions on cells. I have basically memorized the study guide but in almost every section it says 'look up more info on the internet', what does than mean? How do you know what to look up? I am freaking out now because I take the test on Tuesday!

I actually just took my test yesterday morning. For me the science question on the real test was surprisingly easier than I was expecting (definitely know your a&p!!) I would say the test asked more general questions, but nothing was really that specific. I received a few questions asking about what a specific cells function was and maybe a couple asking about the function of certain body parts. Overall it was not that hard, I even got some of the same questions from the practice test. Just make sure to review your a&p (Khan academy videos and old notes from school really helped me,) and have a general understanding of each body system and components within that system.