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Ati Teas Exam

Hello Eveyone , please I would like to have some advices on what materials to get for the Ati teas. So far I have 3 materials that are very helpful.

I took the Teas test twice already and did not meet my school requirements for the reading portion and I am so discouraged because I studied really hard because taking the Teas those 2 times. I was wondering if the practice test A and B that Ati offered comes with solutions please.

Silverdragon102, BSN

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Michelle0128, BSN

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Yes, the official ATI practice tests, A and B, come with solutions and rationals for the questions. After you input your answer, it then tells you if you're correct or not and provides the answers/explanations.


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Hi Michelle,

I am looking to take the exam in February 20th, 2018. Do you know how similar the questions are from the TEAS V compared to the TEAS 6. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Do you suggest a study group for this exam. Thanks

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