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ATI problems

by Cowgirl1886 Cowgirl1886 (New) New

I graduated last month and have been working with ATI trying to get the green light. I have 2 more chances to get it. I have been working with Hurst Review and doing really well but ATI makes me feel like I shouldn't have even passed nursing school (Got A's and B's but according to ATI I'm an idiot). It's really discouraging since I need to green light to even able able to say I graduated the nursing program let alone take the NCLEX. Half of my class has already taken and passed the NCLEX but my ATI person will not respond to me. I've requested a new one and all that got me was a scolding from my coach. Any advice. Really feeling discouraged since it feels like I'm not even going to be given a CHANCE to take the NCLEX though I'm doing really well with Hurst and got good grades in school.