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ati fundamentals

I feel like a complete failure...we took the proctored ATI fundamentals exam last week and I scored below a level 1, so embarrassing. I sat through and read through that whole entire book and afterwards reviewed the chapters that I struggled with, took both versions of the practice tests, and completed focused reviews for those. I really don't see where I went wrong....I feel as if I'm wasting my time idk maybe nursing school isn't for me??? I'm doing okay in my HCC2 class, 83 on the 1st exam & 80 on the 2nd if that really matters. Anyway, retakes are the week after Thanksgiving break and during that break i plan on doing the focused review of the content I missed and also look through Saunders test taking strategies so hopefully that'll make a difference. Also, isn't the 2nd version of ATI fundamentals exam completely different from the 1st?

Right now I just have faith of a mustard seed that I can make a level 2 on the retake...I believe it's possible, I just have to be on my grind during Thanksgiving break!!

Hello! I took my ATI Funds summer time this year. The first one was way different from the retake. But, I can share my focused review if you want. I took ATI Funds 2013.


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