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Athabasca University lpn to bsn program

by LindaNLPN LindaNLPN (New) New

Hi there,

I was wonder has anyone on here took the lpn to bsn program at Athabasca? Approximately how long did it take you to finish the program. I have read all the older posts about AU. I haven't seen any new posts in regards to this university. Any feedbacks would be greatly appreciated. I am a single mom with a ten year old daughter. I also have a . 75 FTE line. So I think this would be better for me. Thanks in advance for any input!

I haven't taken any of their nursing courses but have taken some of their accounting courses. I had no trouble with those and have been considering taking some of their french courses as I find their distance education easier to fit into my shift work/ family life schedule. Their fees I didn't find too bad since they provided the required books. My tutors and professors were fairly quick to answer my emails as well. Even though it isn't about the couse you're looking specifically at, I hope it is of some help.