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Athabasca NP program

Hi ,wondering if anyone has any experience with the Athabasca NP program...I am thinking of taking it, wondering about the costs, clinicals, online experience. Any and all information would be helpful...you can post here or pm me...thank you very much! :nurse:

thats very interesting. Athabasca is an online based university, so their NP program is something I'm not very familiar with. You can check out the NP program at Memorial University, as I do believe it has a distance component. It is located on the East Coast in Canada

Hi Jennie, thanks for the reply i had just been by their website earlier today and it says something about how their program had changed over in 2010 from an RN-BSN program w/ NP specialty to a full MSN-NP program, and it appears that it is full distance ed. i tried email her today and she is out of office till 23rd...so i'm hoping there is some way i could get some information about this program, its a good contender to the athabasca program.

the only downfall with athabascas program is that the courses are very, very expensive. ~$1000 up per course...wow.


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