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Asus eee pc

I know this device is not really a PDA but a UMPC. Has anyone looked at this as an alternative to a PDA? I've just ordered the 4G model with an 8G SD card. From my research it looks to do everything that I'll need while providing a keyboard, trackpad and you can't beat the small form-factor and .98K weight. BTW, I start nursing school in August and hope it will be helpful, but bought now as I find myself wanting to have access to online resources in my Micro lab as well as Tegrity lectures without having to find a PC available in library or computer lab. I'd appreciate any feedback from anyone who has, or had considered this device.



CraigB-RN, MSN, RN

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First which model did you get? There is a linux version and a windows version. ALthough it's a nice tool and will meet most of the needs of a lot of people, i'd be concerned about compatability of the software. If all your going to be doing is accessing online sources then you'll do ok. If you got the linux version, your going to have problems if you want to add things. I'd be carefull and make sure you know excatly what you want out of the machine.

CraigB-RN, MSN, RN

Has 40 years experience. Specializes in Critical Care, Emergency, Education, Informatics.

pdadoc.net has some article on the asus and how a doc is using it.

While I lust after a the small form factor it's not something that I could use on the floor.

For me it had to meet at least four criterias.

1. Is the OS supported by the software I need?

2. Will it fit into one of my nursing student uniform pockets?

3. Will I be able to whip it out, turn it on and get the information I need in a hurry?

4. Am I allowed to have it on the floor?

Well, I got the eee PC and I love it. Did have to put Windows on it so I could view Tegrity classes (needs active x), but if not for that the Linux OS would have been fine (I do have an Ubuntu box at home so I have experience with installing and emulators needed for some software). Eee PC has, so far, been great for notes, internet, working on papers in spare moments, etc. It will be perfect for classes. I'll probably dust off my old Pocket PC device for drug guides etc. for clinicals. Thanks everyone for the feedback!

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I'm glad you're enjoying it, it looks almost too cute to pass up. For now though, I'm holding back. I want to see them (whomever "they" may be) fine tune the laptops with all the bells and whistles to run off the flash drive and have the price come down. Hm. I may be waiting a while.

I have an eee that I use for notes in class, but still fall back to my palm TX for tabers and my drug guide. I may eventually put them on the eee, but the palm has the advantage of being instant-on and a bit more suited to handheld operation. Putting windows on the base model eee is doable (I did) but it does require a bit of technical knowledge.


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Just wondered how the floors were responding to the ASUS? I use mine for school but love it and would love to be able to use it when I head into the nursing world in Jan 09! Also what programs are you using it for on the floor?


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