Assistance with Locating a RN Mentor within Chicago Area for RN to BSN Capstone Course

by ncvee (New) New


I am a current RN to BSN student at Grand Canyon University. Per my program requirements, I am required to have a practice-immersion experience, which is in the form of a capstone course that requires a mentor who would need to have a BSN with three years of experience as a registered nurse. The mentor would not need to supervise all 100 hours in person but be available for guidance and feedback while completing my research. The mentor would need to be actively working at a clinical site.

This being said, I was wondering if anybody within the forum would be able to offer any assistance to help me obtain a mentor, whether it be anyone you know within my area or suggestions to obtain one. I currently do not work in a clinical setting, and my own options so far have fallen through. My school only offers limited assistance in locating a mentor.

Thank you in advance for any replies and your time.