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Assessment simulation interview help

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I am a recent graduate of a practical nursing program here and have been applying to hospitals in my area. The main one has a practical assessment simulation component to their interview process. In the simulation the applicant does a full head to toe assessment of a mannequin, and reports off to a doctor using SBAR, including a possible diagnosis and interventions the nurse suggests be taken.

I want to be as prepared for this as possible so I've started studying up on what I could identify as potential issues for patients "common to all areas".

The list I am currently working off of includes:





pressure ulcer

fluid overload

irregular rhythms (afib etc)

diabetes (hypo and hyperglycemia, dka)

Just wondering if if anyone else has any suggestions for what would be good to brush up on? Or tips/tricks for the assessment or reporting piece.


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Curious what area did you apply to?

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