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Aspiring RN, degree in Emergency Management?

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by Sully7 Sully7 (New Member) New Member Student

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I am finishing my last prerequisite for nursing. I have my AA in General Science and have been considering getting a Bachelors in Emergency Management. I feel like it might help make me stand out later when I want to work in the ICU, ER or trauma unit. And later on in life I could have a more administrative position


Anyone have any feedback, experience or guidance? 

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Hoosier_RN has 20 years experience as a MSN and specializes in LTC, home health, hospice, ICU, ER, dialysis.

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Generally starting out, it's most likely not going to be a help.  A brand new nurse is a brand new nurse. Things like being a CNA or PCT help. It may come in handy after a few years experience 

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tachyallday has 10 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ED/ Adult ICU/ PICU/ Acute Peds.

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I am a nurse of over 10 years with ICU, PICU & ER background & department supervisory background. I just started in the ER early this year & started filling in as house supervisor here and there. After a disaster drill when I found myself part of the incident command, I became really interesed in the topc. I am looking at Masters Programs in Emergency Managment, but feel like it would be good to get more experience before applying (and also to find out if I like this field as much as I think I do). A lot of these programs include homeland security, and law enforcement & criminal justice peeps are generally applying. 

These are some of the things I am planning to help bolster my resume and empower me personally:

Taking some free FEMA courses:

Looking for a job on a DMAT:

Volunteering with Red Cross in either a responder or community educator type role:

Increasing my personal defense, and tactical skills & personal home preparedness:

Looking into teaching some courses: ACLS/BLS/PALS/first aid:

Just found out our hospital has a disaster committee, so will be joining that:

If you went into DM, and had a job for a few years, it would looking great on your resume when you graduate from nursing school. It might help you land a job of your choice as a new grad. It won't however, help with your knowledge and skills as new nurse. No way to get that without putting in the time at the bedside. It will help you down the road, though if you decide to go that direction. 

I say, pick one field & stick with that. Work it for several years, and then add on. It would honestly be really hard for me to think about EM without the extensive background that I have gained (without going to school for it, and working in the field first). 

Feel free to PM me. 


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