ASN admittance to Ivytech

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Applying for nursing program for the spring 2019 semester at ivytech.

My score is 135.79 is this competitive??

Would anyone else mind sharing their score?

meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

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Which campus? You might want to look at the Indiana specific forums. Use the feature upper right corner of the page.


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I saw someone who said they got in 1st round at Lawrence with a 116. I have a 126 rounded w/ if I get an A in my last pre-req. I am SO nervous it wont be enough. I know it is out of a 160pt. scale. So I imagine yours would round up to 136 and as long as GPA is good, I bet you'll be a first round pick. Which campus did you apply too? I heard Indy is extremely competitive.


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I think you will be fine, I talked to an adviser in Indy campus, she told me that over 135 is a big chance get accepted. good luck.