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Arrrgg.. so frustrated awaiting letter


Was told last week in May to first week in June. Well I was getting impatient and after finding out that noone else got theirs I asked my advisor and she said I should get my letter Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Talk about suspense.. I'm hoping since they are so late that it is good news!! :rolleyes:

Take deep breaths.........I hope you get in:)

I can't wait till I am in your postion......I am just beginning my prereq's and I won't be able to apply untill Fall 06'

Cowboys_RN, BSN

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I was a mess waiting for mine too. I told my mom not to call me when it got there because I knew I'd be a wreck at work knowing it was there. She of course called me and said she could see through the envelope and I was in. She kind of ruined it for me, I wanted the excitement of opening the envelope and getting the good news. But all that really mattered was getting in!!

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