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Army Spouse, RN at Camp Humphreys??

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Hi y’all! My husband and I just found out we will be going to South Korea in August. I will have just passed my one year mark as a new nurse in an internationally recognized and respected hospital.  HOWEVER, my school was not nationally accredited by national nursing agencies, and only accredited by the state BON and the collegiate systems. 


I see that the Brian Allgood hospital is officially open. I see no postings for jobs but heard through the grapevine they are looking for nurses. Specifically ED and Labor. I am a Cardiothoracic SD nurse, so my best bet would be medsurge, ICU or ER if I’m so lucky. 

 Does anyone work there? Live there? Have any idea if I can get a job there? How I can even attempt to apply? Etc. I’m concerned that I will not be able to find employment and will be deciding between staying in the US to work as an RN or move to Korea with my husband. I didn’t work this hard for 5 years to not work for three years! Any help/advice/networks will help. Thanks!

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