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Army ROTC then what?


So I have just started college and joined Army ROTC. I am also going for my BSN at a direct entry college. I am not contracted and I'm trying to figure out if I should for my sophomore year. I want to serve in Army or Reserves, and I'm fine doing reserve and a civilian job. My question is, can the army make me do something else like mechanic job and go active, if I graduate with a BSN?

What will be my likely choices after I graduate with a BSN and ROTC? The recruiter says I might work in Hawaii but I'm not sure I would get that lucky.


If you contract with the Army and you don't pass your NCLEX then yes they can make you do something else even if you have a BSN. No one will let you practice as a nurse without that license.

Duty station will vary based on multiple factors. Your school should give you more info during your junior year. If you choose to contract.