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Army/navy Reserve

prettyprettyRN specializes in PICU.

Hi All. I am considering my options for financial assistance while attendind CRNA school next year and came across some previous post on the military. I am mostly looking at the army/ navy reserve program where they do not pay for your tuition however, they give you a monthly stipen of 1900/ month while in school and you owe them a committment when you are finished. Is there anyone that has any feedback on this option. I have already spoken to a recruiter however wanted more insight from someone who is currently in that program or who have already done it. Now that you are finished with school and working as a CRNA active reserve what is it like. How are your one weekend a month drill requirements. Is your current employer flexible with your weekend schedule. By the way. I have no previous military experience.

  1. Hi there I'm a retired army medical sargent first class, I now many people that are in the medical reserves and are going to school. For once it's a good deal all paid and getting paid for it. The weekend drill are not bad employers have to let you go; just work with them on the schedule in adavance that also goes for the 2 weeks out of the year annual training. Again you can not go wrong with this decision.

The more I read, the more I consider joining the military reserve as an option to help pay for school as well. I guess I should speak to a recruiter because I don't know the first thing about joining & what's required. Anyone else know anything about this?



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I did consider going into the Reserves, but realized that I was not willing to risk going to war. You have to be able to commit to this. The Reserves, as with all military service is around for a reason, for you to serve your country.

It is a very honorable position to be in, just be prepared that you may have to actual serve. (and we are at war, even if the media doesn't bother to talk about it on the nightly news). I use the word, "news" lightly here.

If you are considering joining the military solely for financial reasons, please don't. Over a long career, I've seen quite a few very miserable individuals who followed that pathway. Our local Army Reserve recruiter always tells the anesthesia students who are considering accepting a commission that they have a close to 100% of being mobilized and deployed in the first year following graduation. This is true even if, God forbid, you do not finish the anesthesia program. I have nothing but the highest regard for those who join the military for altruistic and patriotic reasons...please look long and hard at your own personal reasons.

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