White County Medical Center?

  1. Moving to Searcy next week. Anyone know about the hospital there? I visited it last spring when my dad was admitted (reason for moving back is elderly parents). My background is LTC Wound Care. I see they have a Diabetes and Wound Clinic.
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  3. by   nurseontheloose
    i worked in the or and pacu there. most everyone is great. you have your good points and bad points, like every where elsse.

    nice clean hospital
  4. by   bikerguy
    I work in PACU now, occassionally in surgery. Great bunch of nurses here, very helpful, energetic, professional. I don't know much about the woulnd care center, but the hospital itself is a great place to work.
  5. by   jananurse
    Sharlynn, did you end up here at WCMC? I have been here 12 years and like it a lot. I work with a great group of nurses, most of them young enough to be my daughters, but having their respect is great! I am in the New Life Center, night shift. Holler at me on the hospital e-mail if you are working here.