What's the job market like for nurses in NWA? (RNs and NPs

  1. How hard is it to get a job as a new grad with an ADN and no experience outside of school clinicals?

    Also, any idea of what type of NP's are in demand, if any? Have any of you heard anything regarding the DNP transition in Arkansas in 2015? From what I can tell, there are no DNP programs in any of the Arkansas schools yet. Do you think Arkansas will be behind in adopting this new standard?
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  3. by   lmburton
    I haven't really kept up. However in NWA, it really depends. there are three main systems (five if you include Fort Smith.) Washington Regional (A really good faclility) Sometimes hard to get into the door. Northwest Springdale and Bentoville (there are good too). Mercy is up in Rogers. Since this is a professional area (meaning mainly Wal-mart, JB Hunt,Tyson, and other vendors) You will find that there are many experienced people. I dont think that Arkansas will fall behind because there are so many resources around that will help you with new standard. You have AHEC (Arkansas Health Education Centers) that really go the extra mile