UALR Nursing 2018

  1. Hi, everyone! I was wondering has anyone gotten their acceptance letter yet? I haven't I'm sweating balls! I'm actually a transfer student coming in from University of Texas in Arlington(UTA). It's absolutely crazy ride with UALR of getting admitted and just getting information so I can have everything ready in time so I have best chance of getting acceptance into the program. I have pre nursing gpa of 3.1 and overall gpa of 3.5. I have completed all prerequisites for both AAS and BSN and I have a few upper level nursing courses under my belt because UTA nursing program requires a certain nursing courses to be taking before joining the program, so hopefully that helps me out!

    If I do get accept I'll be creating a group chat outside of this for anyone who wants to join!
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  3. by   dianah
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    I hope you get some helpful responses, how exciting to face starting your program! Best to you!
  4. by   Eagle2018
    I got accepted. Good Luck
  5. by   Elexus
    When did you get your email?
  6. by   Eagle2018
    March 16