Trouble finding job with no recent work experienc

  1. I haven't worked as a nurse up until I was 7 months pregnant and now that baby is heading for kindergarten this fall. I'm an LPN who has had 2 years previous experience before that. I've been working on my pre-reqs and will begin RN accelerated program for one year beginning this January.
    I've applied at a couple of places recently and also have seen the need written in job postings that recent experience is needed. This always gives me the idea that nobody will hire me but that may be all in my head. I'm not sure what avenue to search for in the field of nursing or to find something else which may equal to not enough income.
    The catch is I won't be working when it comes time for nursing school and will supplement income from loans. With school (final prereqs) this fall, I could work weekends now and mostly this fall.
    Any clue of a nursing job for me?
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