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  1. Hello group,

    I am currently finishing my application for NTI LPN school.

    Anyone else working towards this?

    I am a man, and am thinking that I might be alone during this process.
    I am extremely scared and frightened of women. (kidding)

    I look forward to the opportunity to reach my goals.
    LPN-RN-BSN-CRNA. Don't laugh goals are always needed.
    I have already met so many that quit nursing school before even starting to pursue other directions because of discouraging comments
    by fellow students, family, and faculty. We all need thicker skin, but also to remember are comments can change someones path in life.

    Thank you,
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  3. by   nananurse2
    Hi Joel! I graduated from NTI a year ago. We had no men in our class, but there was one guy in the class before us and behind us. I think the men tend to go for the RN first. You'll be fine. The staff are fantastic and oriented to get you graduated and NCLEX ready. I hear NTI is now offering a LPN to RN fast track program, so there you go!

    Best wishes to you. Keep up your homework and study every day. And, Med-Surg is not as hard as they all say.