Health assessment course in Arkansas(Little Rock)

  1. Hi everyone!
    I am trying to apply to graduate school in UAMS and i need to have health assessment course complete as one of the requirements.
    I did not have this course and i need to take it now
    UAMS offers it but the times are inconvinient for me-I work on those days.
    Is there any other place that offers this health assessment course?
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  3. by   LuvLondon04
    You may check into a community college course (such as NWACC or similar). I don't know what their requirements would be as to completing the course, but they may be able to give some better assistance!

    You could also check the universities because many admit twice a year and you may have a better chance and going in and getting done! Good luck..
  4. by   beau12
    need to take an advanced health assessment any on line grad level
  5. by   papergirlRN
    UALR offers an online health assessment class; i think you just have to show up once at the end with a person to demonstrate your assessment skills. You might want to check that out - see if it transfers to UAMS, as it is designed to go with UALR's nursing program.