CNM or FNP in NW Arkansas

  1. I am wanting to go back to school to get my Master's degree, but I am still unsure as to which route I should take.

    Background: Interest in obstetrics, had 6 mos RN postpartum/antepartum experience, and most recently, 18 mos RN med/surg experience, and just recently relocated to NW Arkansas.

    First off, I am torn as to which specialty I should pursue because even though I desire working in obstetrics and becoming a CNM, I have no experience in L&D, so I may or may not like it.

    Also, I need some input regarding the job market for CNMs in NW Arkansas. This was another issue that I was having. I didn't see too many job opportunities for CNMs.

    So comes my next option...becoming a FNP. Not as strong of a desire to become a FNP, but logistically, it makes sense to work in a specialty that may be desirable in my area (Bentonville, Rogers, Fayetteville).

    Any input? TIA.
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  3. by   rafcnm
    Tia...There are NO CNM jobs in the state so you would best be served by completing and FNP program. There are only about 5 CNMs doing births in the state and the lay midwives out number the CNMs. Good luck. Rebecca