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  1. Anybody currently or has gone through lpn program, how long did it take to get your acceptance letter? I applied for the January 2016 and have turned everything in. I called and she said it was with the selection committee. Anyone know how long the selection process takes? Also any other information about the program would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   sandersavi
    Did you ever hear anything back from them?
  4. by   harding95
    Quote from sandersavi
    Did you ever hear anything back from them?
    Yes, but unfortunately I didnt get accepted. They responded fairly quickly so if you applied and haven't heard anything yet that might be a good thing! Lol
    best of luck to you!
  5. by   sandersavi
    How long from when you applied to when they sent you a letter? I thought they made everyone wait until after the December deadline
  6. by   tnw06001
    It took me about a month to hear back from them. They don't make you wait until the deadline.
  7. by   airkuh22
    Do you know why you didn't get in? Was your ACT score high enough?
  8. by   hopefulkim99
    Can anyone share what looks competitive for their RN program? What numbers they look for?