Baptist Health School Of Nursing In Dermott

  1. Some of the LPNs I work with from Greenville, MS are attending BHSON in Dermott,ARK in Jan07. Can anyone tell me about the lpn to rn fasttrack program? (good or bad) Any info or help from current students/grads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. By the way I am not 70/will need to change that.
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  3. by   Holly27
    I start fast track in LR in Jan. I didn't know they had fast track in Dermott? I could answer some questions about LR. But that doesn't mean it will all apply to Dermott.
  4. by   nursespades
    baptist no longer has a campus in dermott.
  5. by   d3dicated2
    What are the requirements for he LPN fast track program? And how long is the program?