Arkansas Tech RN to BSN program

  1. i'm looking to attain my BSN from somewhere. would like info on ATU and the program basics. if anyone can share some info, i'd appreciate it very much. thanks


    i already have info on the programs at uams and ualr
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  3. by   JoycMarr
    go to their website and click on "Course Catalog" I tried to post a link, hope it works:
  4. by   maxamillion
    thanks for the link. i've been to their website and have gotten the cd from them. i think my best option is to call about class specifics. i heard from some body that RN to BSN students did not have to attend class on campus or do any required clinicals, where as UAMS and UALR require some time commitments. thanks again.
  5. by   Super Nurse JoshuA
    Yes, me and a friend are thinking about looking into this program too. I have started the RN-BSN online at UA FT Smith, but they have begun canceling classes and recently seem to have a rather good amount of staff turn over after they had begun canceling classes. Kind of making me nervous. Let me know if you find anything out!