Which hospital...which type of nursing???

  1. So I was wondering if you guys could give me some suggestions on this topic. I am in my last year of nursing school and the time has come where I need to complete my senior leadership at a hospital and complete 12 12-hour shifts with a preceptor. We are supposed to put in a request to our professors about what we are interested in and where we would like to go...the problem...I have no idea! Well I sort of do. So far I have enjoyed every area I have encountered except long term care and being at Banner Desert. I probably shouldn't throw Banner Desert out all together though because my one and only experience there was in the TCU which isn't even a main part of the hospital, but my experience there was still so aweful I have never wanted to go back. I loved the VA, Scottsdale Osborn, and Chandler Regional, so those are the three hospitals I would like to work at. My favorite area so far had been labor& delivery/nursery and the OR, but I haven't yet experienced peds or ICU/ER and pediatrics has been what I have always wanted to do and lately I have been obsessed with getting to experience the ER. I just don't know what to choose...I am so afraid if I pick the areas I haven't yet experienced that I will end up regretting going there. Do any of you have experience in these fields or at these hospitals? I would really appreciate your feedback.
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