Wait List Comparison for MCCD programs

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    I am getting ready to submit my provisional app this spring and was wondering what how the demand varies with the different programs in the district. I tried speaking to an advisor, but I didn't really get the info I wanted. It was my understanding that you will spend longer waiting if you top choices are the programs that have the highest demand. Anyone know which programs have the highest demand? I was thinking probably Glendale, MCC, and SCC traditional programs had the longest lists. I was looking at the accelerating ones and then Rio... hopefully, these aren't as high. Either way, it sure beats waiting in California! My friends out there are jealous... they all have at least 2 years waiting... and that's even with some of them GPA based... ouch!

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  3. by   peeesh
    There is only 10 stops i believe for the rio salado nursing program.. the counselor i talked to said that one is the highest demand...if u really wanted that school it could be a two year wait.. :/ also some of the accelerated programs have special applications where they check GPA’s and perform interviews…i guess it all depends on what u perfer... I have been on the waiting list for about six months now crossing my fingers i get in next fall... i have picked all five traditional choices so we will see...My understanding is everyone is like in a line... and u pick all ur choices and when its ur turn in line they fit u in the closet school to your top choice that isnt full... i think there all really in demand.....
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  4. by   boomerfriend
    I waited one semester and got my 4th choice: Phoenix College. It is a random assignment. I had friends that applied the same time as I did and got MCC (a very popular choice).

    I think it's frustrating how the advisors don't tell you this kind of information so you can make an educated decision. You KNOW that they know which ones are more popular than others.