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  1. Is anyone here going to U of A for the accelerated nursing program? I just wanted to see the pros and cons of it from different people. I've heard from some that the contract to work isnt the best idea in the world. I was also wondering if it was very competitive?? Thanks you guys.
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  3. by   WinningIsEverything
    U of A Accel. Nursing program started about 3 years ago. Last year, they accepted 48 people and had around 275 applications. This past January, they accepted 64 (because of the sponsorship of another hospital) and had around 1200 applicants. This upcoming January, they are expected to have the same number of students accepted, and it would be my assumption that the number of applicants would triple. They have been receiving applications from all over the country, so there is no doubt it will be competitive.

    I've heard some cons for the program (because of its accel. nature) are that the clinical portions are short. You spend approx. 2 shifts in each unit, which to some may not seem like enough time to experience all there is to see. I haven't heard of many other cons. The pros seem to be enormous. Bachelor's degree, done in 14 months, U of A degree, etc.

    Pima Community College also seems to have a very good program, and is well respected by the hospitals in Tucson.

    Good Luck.