Tucson Hospitals that require school transcripts

  1. Is anyone aware of hospitals in Tucson that require new graduates to turn in their nursing school transcripts upon hire? I just graduated in August (and I already passed the NCLEX). I did very well in clinicals, but my grades are a total embarrassement.

    I do know that UMC in Tucson does require transcripts after you've been hired. Is it true that before you sign the official paperwork that UMC may take back their offer of employement if HR and the Nurse Manager don't like your transcript??? Is anyone aware of this practice? I guess the reasoning is that not as many people would apply if they had to submit their transcripts with their application, but this seems a little shady.

    Does anyone know if Northwest Medical Center, St. Mary's or Tucson Medical Center do this?

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  3. by   cardiacRN2006
    Couple of things here...
    They may ask for your transcripts anywhere you work. I would NOT, and I repeat, NOT want to pick a hospital just based on this criteria alone. If you end up working in the bowels of the worst hospital in town, you will kick yourself for at least not trying to apply someplace else.

    That being said, I was asked to show my transcripts at my hospital. I don't think they will fire you based on what they see! It's not important that you got C's or what have you, it's important that you passed the NCLEX. (Congrats BTW ).
    They made a copy of mine, made a comment on them, and then filed them away. BUT-they just needed proof that I graduated, since Pima doesn't give out their diplomas for like 12 weeks after graduation. Also, Az doesn't have GNs, so even though I had my license#, they still wanted to just see proof that I went to school and received my diploma.

    Also, I know quite of a few of my classmates who barely, and I mean barely by the skin of their teeth, passed NS who are working at UMC.

    That being said: what side of town do you live on, and what kind of nursing do you like to do? I might have a recommendation for you!
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    cardiacRN2006, thank you for your reply; I do feel a little bit better.
    I'm gonna PM you, okay?
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