Traditional placement for spring 2019

  1. Anyone receive their acceptance letter for spring 2019 placement through Maricopa community college?
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  3. by   lhet1970
    My daughter Time stamp is feb. 1,2016. No acceptance received yet.
  4. by   Lupita1987
    I applied since last year 2017 in July but still haven't heard anything. I applied in Phoenix, PVCC, and Scottsdale still nothing
  5. by   megster871
    Was just placed at SCC. Time stamp January 2017
  6. by   Lupita1987
    Congratulations! Were you done with all pre and co requisite?
  7. by   megster871
    Yeah I finished them
  8. by   megster871
    Thank you!
  9. by   Lupita1987
    The fact that you got in from Jan 2017 gave me hope also I heard they started sending acceptance emails since the starting of sept this month is that when you received your acceptance?
  10. by   megster871
    No I received mine yesterday. They run placement every Monday. So if someone from the first batch defers or doesn't respond to the acceptance they move down the list. I was placed the third week of placement
  11. by   Lupita1987