St.Joseph's Hospital Tucson Arizona

  1. I am an Irish nurse planning to move to the US. I have been offered a job in Med/Surg St.Joseph's Hospital in Tucson Arizona. I would really appreciate any information about this hospital re staffing, location etc. If you feel more comfortable sending a PM please do.
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  3. by   cardiacRN2006
    I've only worked there on the tele unit-I never even saw the Med-surg.

    The hospital is nice, and it's on the east side of Tucson, which is nice. I can think of a lot of places worse to work at!

    When I was on tele, we had 6 pts, as a standard amount of pts. It's a catholic hospital, and they say a prayer overhead in the am, blessing the pts and staff, and they also play a little lullaby each time a baby is born.

    From what I remember, they don't pay very well (for new grads), and they have a ladder where you start out at one level and move up as you take on more responsibilities.

    Have you looked at their website?