Senior nurse looking into Mayo Clinic

  1. So, I have been an RN at a very well known hospital in Ohio now for 14 years. I'm looking to move to the Phoenix area to work at Mayo Clinic. Do any of you guys think that I would have a hard time getting a job there? I make $34 an hour here and a $5 night shift diff. Would the pay be close to equal??

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  3. by   mrsboots87
    Mayo starts their new grads at just over $30. Minimum pay for at least 1 year experience is some around $34. It is safe to say, you should make a decent amount more and hour then you make now.

    As far as it being difficult to get a job there. The answer is likely yes. People who work at Mayo tend to love it and the competition for any opening is stiff. Having 15 years is a very good start and gives you some advantage over newer nurses. You'll never k ow if you don't try.