Schedules for all MCCCD programs?

  1. Does anyone know? I'm trying to narrow down my selections. I know Rio is online with 2 clincial days. What about the rest? Was is a traditional schedule like, or an accelerated one? HOw many days in class? From what time to what time? How many days a week for clincials? From what time to what time? I do have kids but figure I may need to be flexible to get into the program....thanks!
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  3. by   serenity1
    It all depends on the school, and the schedule changes block to block. Block 1 at Estrella was 1:30-4:30 M&T with labs 9-4 on W&TH. Clinicals were either Thursday or Friday 6:30-6:30. Block 2 is 8-11 M, 9-11 T, clinicals W&TH 6:30-2:30 or W 6:30-6:30 depending on the group. Blocks 3 & 4 will be different, too. They stressed to us early on about being "flexible". Good luck!!