RN moving to Surprise...weighing my options, advice?

  1. hi, everyone.

    i'm officially moving to surpise mid-december. i'm being interviewed for a day endoscopy position at banner thunderbird. it's 8 hour days.

    the other option i am considering is working per diem (13 week contract) at del webb through an agency called medics? (not sure of the name). will be on a 4o bed tele unit, 12hr days.

    anyone work with this agency or at either of these hospitals in these areas?? if so, what are the staffing ratios like, how are the areas the hospitals are in, commute times, how's management, etc.

    appreciate any/all comments.

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    I just thought I would write because I am moving to Phoenix in January! I don't have any info. to share with you regarding those hospitals. I just got a call from Banner too, but it was for their Behavioral Health Unit.

    I just wanted to know how your housing search is going? I was told Surprise is a nice area to live in. Where are you moving from? I am from New Orleans, but am on a travel assignment in Philadelphia now. I guess I am going from freezing cold to burning hot, so it will be an adjustment! Well, e-mail me back if you get a chance, maybe we can share info!


  4. by   rnbabs
    Hi, sent you an email.

    Keep in touch,
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