Paradise Valley Hospital in Phoeniz?

  1. Hi everyone! Has anyone ever worked at a Paradise Valley Hospital outside of Phoenix as staff or as a traveler?? Or does anyone have any information about the hospital...likes/dislikes?? any input will be appreciated! Thanx
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  3. by   jamonit
    the hospital itself is nice, rather small. problem (in my humble opinion) is that it is mostly booked agency, very few core staff employees. i've heard people around town say that their ED is where you go if you want to die. (seriously, this is what they say!) ummm....i guess they're 'trying' to improve. one of my favorite teachers from nursing school starts there this week as a charge in tele. i guess that floor will be better than it was....haha. i don't think i'd work there, but maybe i'm just a little worried about losing my license.