New grad applications spring '18

  1. Hello, all!
    I am a senior nursing student graduating/taking NCLEX in May. I live in San Diego, so am a bit out of the loop as far as the timing of applications. I am looking to apply to new grad programs in the Phoenix area. Does anyone know when the new grad applications for Mayo, Banner, Maricopa, or any others open?
    Thank you!
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  3. by   PlumLove6
    Mayo will be in February, can't remember if it is first or second week, but be ALERT, because the window to apply is for only like 2 days and that is for Medical Surgical, Critical Care, and ED. Banner is year round, just apply when you're ready. Maricopa, Dignity Health, and Honor Health are others, I'm unsure when they're open though.
  4. by   Nursekayaz
    Mayo's website actually says their application window will open mid-March this year for their program starting in July!