Moving to AZ...a few questions.

  1. Hi everyone!
    I was wondering if anyone was attending one of the maricopa community colleges for nursing? and how it is?
    My boyfriend and i are thinking of moving to AZ from cali because its so expensive here yet we'll be close to home, if we want to come visit family.
    I was wondering if anyone had information about finacial aid, its alot more expensive in AZ for community college (i believe 65 a unit??) right now here in cali only 20 dollars a unit.
    I'd appreciate any information about the program and anything else you can tell me!
    thanks alot ..
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  3. by   Sk8rbug
    I am working on my pre-reqs for nursing at Scottsdale Comm. College. The tuition is 65 a credit hour but check out the out of state tuition. I think it triples! I currently have financial aid it was really easy to sign up all online. Takes no time at all and I got a check in a few days.

    I have had a lot of friends complete their nursing degree through MCC colleges and they loved it! One at Gateway CC and a few from SCC.

    Where are you looking to move to in the Phoenix area?
  4. by   lindsay21
    Were looking at houses in Maricopa. I think Phoenix is like 30 mins. away?
    Im working on pre-reqs here in san diego right now.
    I already took A&PI now iam in A&PII, & plan on taking microbio next semester. (are these the same prereqs for the program in AZ?)
    Yeah i believe tuition is like $250 a unit out of state.
    I think once you have lived there for a year you can qualify for in state but still not sure on that. I also read that you can get in state if your job transfers you to the state & the company I work is opening up in chandler, AZ I believe, so I hope some how I can get in state tuition or even finacial aid. My goal is to finish my general ed/prereqs while it is cheap out here in san diego.
    Do you know anything about the wait list? In san diego its about 2-3 years which is way to long for me, which also really wants me to get to arizona if the list is shorter!!
  5. by   Sk8rbug
    The waiting list is 2-3 semesters, but if you work at a hospital they have connections with some colleges so you can get in quicker. Scottsdale Heatlhcare has a link with Scottsdale Comm college, JCL withe Paradise Valley Comm college. Check out some of the area's hospitals (if you are in that profession). You can apply in the last semester of your pre-reqs.

    Good luck with your move!