med error interviewee needed

  1. Need help I have a med error paper due on monday and my charge nurse backed out. My name is Jenna I am a first year nursing student and I would greatly appreciate the help. Please email me back if you could help at
    Initials Age of Nurse Length of Time in Nursing
    1. What is the frequency of medication errors in your
    area of responsibility?
    2. What are the nursing responsibilities when an error
    3. Have you had to develop educational plans or give
    letters of counseling because of medication errors?
    4. What hospital committee makes decisions concerning
    medication errors?
    5. What advice do you have for new graduate nurses?
    6. How are medication errors traced by nursing to find
    causes and improve client care?
    7.Does your facility have a computerized medication cart, and
    do you think that helps?
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