Mayo Arizona Nurse Residency Program 2013

  1. Hey everyone! I have been reading past forums for the Mayo Arizona Nurse Residency Programs, but I didn't see any from the upcoming program starting in July 2013. Does anyone know how many people they accept into the Nurse Residency Program? Or if they take out-of-state candidates, show preference to externs, etc.? Any comments are appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   MeganTyreeRN
    Just found out thru my preceptor I had last semester that they cancelled this for the upcoming summer due to budget cuts /: soooo sad
  4. by   MeganTyreeRN
    Oops double post!
  5. by   Kabin
    It might be more related to slow demand. I have one recent anecdotal story (OR RN) that Mayo's OR has dramatically slowed down this year and there's been layoffs. Can anyone confirm?
  6. by   toppermost
    Yes. It is true.