LPN Moving from MASS to AZ

  1. HI . I don't know why anyone didn't reply to my last thread, but I am desperate. I am an LPN of 1 1/2 years and moving to Az in Aug. I have sub-acute care experience in NH's and I am hoping to get a job in a hospital in AZ. Can someone tell me if I have a chance? Here they tend not to hire LPNs in Hospitals, I guess they have no use for us. The Hospital is my calling and I really hope someone can tell me some good news. I am moving to the tempe, Gilbert area. Could someone also tell me what Apache Junction is like? Saw some really great houses with acreage. Never been to AZ(yet). Would love some feedback!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   Brownms46
    I don't know anything about Apache Junction, but I did a travel contract in Scottsdale, and you have no trouble finding a job in AZ. However, you will need to take a IV therapy course, and this is whether or not you already have IV skills.

    Aug huh?? Make sure you get a the strongest sunscreen you can find, because you will definitely need it. Good Luck!