Labor & Del openings at Phoenix Indian Hospital!!

  1. Hello all- I have not posted in a long time! However, I just wanted to spread the word to any experienced OB nurses and/or Nicu nurses that there are several OB openings at Phoenix Indian Medical Center located right in Phoenix off of Indian School Road. You would be a federal employee and the benefits/retirement is awesome!! They also have a loan repayment program if you have any debts from Nursing school-20k each year is awarded and in return you would need to give them 2 years of service. If you want to return to school for a Masters or NP they will pay that as well through the loan repayment program..And there is the commissioned corp where you can become a Public Health Nurse and those benefits are even better...there are a lot of options and room for advancement!

    I think that Phoenix Indian is one of those Hospitals you really do not hear much about but it is worth looking in to because it is part of the Health and Human Services Dept of the Govt so it just cannot be compared to a public sector Hospital. I came here as a traveler in 2008 and absolutely loved it! The benefits cannot be beaten.
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